Alumni has served the University of Salamanca community since 1954

In the academic year 1953-54, a group of former students decided to form a group to enable them to collaborate with their university and continue to participate in academic life. Their aim was to create a permanent link among society, institutions and the university. Their first meeting took place in 1954 in the Town Hall of Salamanca. The town council fully supported the initiative and many years later awarded the association the Town Medal.

In 1963, this group wanted greater involvement in university life and a new association was founded. It was named The Association of Former Students of the University of Salamanca (ASUS) and was the first of its kind in Spain.

In 1996, the association entered into an agreement with the university to offer new services and a programme of activities with the aim of attracting young former students and new graduates.

In 2007, the association was reformed and came to form part of the General Foundation of the University of Salamanca. Membership increased significantly, as did the activities carried out by the association.

The new Strategic Plan of the University of Salamanca for 2013-2018 makes mention of former student groups and the significance of their social network. And now, when the university is planning its 8th Centenary celebrations, what better ambassadors than those members of Alumni! This has resulted in a complete reform of the association’s statutes and in 2015 a new governing board, incorporating former students from many different professions, was elected. The association adopted a new logo and the name ALUMNI.