Were you once a student at the University of Salamanca? Do you know how many former students there are? Currently there are now almost 130,000 former students of the University of Salamanca all over the world: doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers, businessmen, linguists, mathematicians, historians, economists and politicians. The list is endless. Yet this vast social network of knowledge and experience is underused and, to a certain extent, still very disconnected.

Nowadays new communication technologies allow us to set up connections and make it easy for former students to get in touch with each other, exchange experiences and support younger students trying to enter the workplace. Now you can maintain the link with your alma mater, your university, the University of Salamanca.

This was the aim of The Association of Former Students and Friends of the University of Salamanca (ASUS) when it was founded in 1954.

In 2015, with a view to the upcoming VIII centenary of our University, the association, with the support of the Rector and a group of former students who are now members of the governing board, has taken a new direction.

The first change is now well-known in our social networks: ASUS is now called Alumni – Universidad de Salamanca.

Why? Because in this digital world we live in, the internet era, times of Google, Apple and Wikipedia, the name ASUS is not easily identifiable with the University of Salamanca.

And because “Alumni” is the most used name for former student associations of universities all over the world. This change of name makes it easier to find us and optimizes our web on search engines.

This is only the first change. There are more: the new web, new statutes, more member benefits, more activities, the creation of an international Alumni-Usal network….. and, of course, our new premises! Now you can find us at Calle Cardenal Plá y Deniel, 22, right in the historic centre of our university, just off Plaza de Anaya, opposite the Cathedral.

We would love to have your support. What are you waiting for? Join ALUMNI – USAL!